Helicopter deployed after scrub fire in North Canterbury

A burnt out car in Amberley.

Fire crews this morning called in a helicopter to fight an out-of-control scrub fire near Amberley Beach in North Canterbury.

Three fire engines and three water tankers responded from Amberley and Waipara when Fire and Emergency New Zealand received the call shortly after 6am today.

Rural fire units were being deployed to the scene throughout the morning, including four-wheel-drives from Sefton and Waikuku.

The 100-metre by 150-metre fire was burning along Newcombes Road, near Amberley Beach.

No threat to life or property has been reported.

Firefighters believe the blaze's point of origin was near a burnt-out car and that the fire was accidental.

They'll work to get in touch with the car owner today.

Crews expect they will be at the site dampening down hotspots until around 11am, but are struggling against a strong north-west winds. It’s blowing out to sea, but the fire has been burning against it.


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