Christchurch's skyline glows red as Port Hills ravaged by flames

Firefighters have spent the night battling an inferno on Christchurch’s Port Hills, visible across the city.

It’s the fifth fire to ignite on the Port Hills this week but by far the largest with at least 50 firefighters called in from around the region to help. 

Parts of Avoca Valley Road and Port Hills Road have been evacuated after the fire ripped through late last night, but for Fleur Easter, who owns a property on the hills, it was too late.

"We’ve lost everything up on the land. We had cribs and digger ports, and everything we own is the land.

"I work in hospice and I was just driving home…and thought 'my f***ing land is on fire' and rang my partner."

A fire has engulfed the Port Hills, three years after a fire devastated the area.

It was bad news for Kester Vos who had been building a property on the hills, left "blackened" by flames. 

“It was awesome. Looked out over the village. Open the doors up and a great place. Rural in the city.

“Hopefully they can have a good insight as to how they might tackle a blaze and lessen the damage. This won’t be the last time I’m sure.”

The pair believe the blaze was started by young people with fireworks, a problem Easter’s had to deal with already.

“I’ve had incidents up there of educating the youngsters to say 'not on my property'.

“Fireworks this time of the year is a silly idea anywhere. I reckon it should be banned altogether.”

Area Commander Dave Stackhouse says reports of fireworks, as well as fires earlier this week, will be looked into. 

“I've had an investigation team looking at the linkages around those, so that will form part of our investigation, and police are assisting us with that.”

Inquiries into the fire’s origin began just before 2am and helicopters will take to the air at first light to continue waging war on the fire.


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