Community rallies to celebrate Auckland man's lockdown birthday

Source: 1News

TVNZ's Jenny Suo reached out to her community to help celebrate her partner's milestone birthday and was blown away by the caring response.

On Friday, Suo's partner Michael celebrated his 30th - and she had a surprise in store for him to make it special.

"Lockdown 30th birthday, what can you do? There's not much you can do and I thought I'm only going to be able to go for a walk around our neighburhood, that's all we can do," Suo said on Breakfast on Monday morning.

She is filling in as the Breakfast newsreader amid the Delta outbreak with TVNZ staff split into two teams to keep safe.

"I put a little shout-out on my community Facebook page," Suo explained.

"I said 'look, we're kind of going around this sort of route, if you've got time, if you've got nothing else to do, if you could leave out a little balloon or a little message of happy birthday for Michael, that would be awesome'.

"We went for a walk and it was incredible."

Jenny Suo's partner, Michael, celebrates his lockdown 30th birthday.

Video of their walk, aired on Monday morning, shows messages wishing Michael a happy birthday, homes decorated in banners and balloons.

"People really went to great lengths to do it," Suo said, adding that she received feedback from the community that it made for a great lockdown activity for children too.

To finish their walk, some neighbours put on a "concert" for the couple, featuring a cello, a clarinet and singing neighbours happy birthday.

"It was just wonderful," Suo said.