Seven Sharp's Te Rauhiringa Brown 'privileged' to be gifted Māori name

Source: 1News

Seven Sharp's Te Rauhiringa Brown says she is "very grateful" and "privileged" to have been gifted her Māori name.

Born Krystal-Lee, Brown was given the name Te Rauhiringa by Te Karere colleague and friend Hania Douglas.

Te Rauhiringa means "contagious energy", Brown said, telling Breakfast on Thursday she cried when she heard it.

"It pretty much described my whole being and who I am as a person."

Brown's mum also cried, later telling Douglas: "Thank you so much for giving her the name I always knew she deserved."

Brown said her parents did not give her a Māori name because they did not have the knowledge. It was not the social norm during that time, and her grandparents were beaten for speaking te reo.

"I was lucky enough to be brought up in kōhanga reo and kura kaupapa," Brown reflected.

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She said it was now quite common for people to be gifted Māori names.

"It's not new. Our ancestors have been doing it for a very long time. My tūpuna, some of them had five or six names," Brown said.

"I think it's reclamation of identity. It's really cool. It's really lovely to see that normalised across the country."

Brown was originally meant to appear on Breakfast to talk about the growth of te reo, but recently had a 50-minute conversation about her name with the hosts, John Campbell recalled, and they asked her to talk about that instead.

"It was the most gorgeous, life-affirming, celebratory, magic conversation," Campbell recalled.