11-year-old Alisa Pham becomes AUT's youngest ever student

Source: 1News

Think University is a challenge? Try doing it at the age of 11.

That's what super genius Alisa Pham, AUT's youngest ever student, is doing after finishing high school in just 10 months.

Alisa told Seven Sharp she found primary, intermediate and secondary school "too easy" and, thus, too boring.

Now, she's completing a Bachelor's in digital media and marketing.

"I want to finish it by the time I'm 13 or 14."

What's even more amazing is that Alisa beat the record set by her adopted sister Vicky Ngo Ngoc two years ago.

Vicky was 13 when she enrolled at AUT in 2020. She completed her Bachelor's degree in finance and applied maths - a three-year programme - in two.

Alisa said she thought what Vicky was doing was "really cool".

"So, I also wanted to do the same as her and follow her footsteps."

But, studying wasn't the hardest part. As the girls are on student visas, they'll face issues finding a job.

There isn't currently a student pathway to residency. And, if a person graduates before they turn 18, they're not eligible for a post-study work visa that other international students could apply for.

In the meantime, Vicky is doing her PhD. Alisa, meanwhile, has her eyes on journalism.

Watch the full Seven Sharp interview with Alisa in the video above.