Beautiful new Auckland mural highlights climate change risk

Source: 1News

A new piece of art is on show for all to see in downtown Auckland with the city's second largest mural unveiled on Friday.

With no overseas tourists over the past two years, Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei wanted to bring more light, culture and eyes to Tāmaki Makaurau's city centre.

The mural, created by artists Poi Ngawati and Hana Maihi, shows a waka engulfed in water with three tui perching on it.

The mural can be seen between Britomart and Spark Arena.

Ngawati said the piece talks about knowledge and pūrākau (old stories).

Maihi says the mural also represents the global challenges of colonisation and climate change.

The mural by Poi Ngawati and Hana Maihi in central Auckland.

"We wanted to symbolise that through the use of the tīheru, the bailer, so bailing water out of your waka, you need to do it, it's a critical role on the waka to make sure the waka arrives at its journey," she said.

"You can liken it to the challenge of climate change with sea levels rising."

Ngawati says the mural pertains mainly to water elements, "hence why we used a lot of waka elements, tīheru, bailer, taurapa, punga, anchor."