Kim Jong-un impersonator crashes Scott Morrison's event

In a bizarre chapter on the Australian election campaign trail, Scott Morrison's event was disrupted by a man pretending to be Kim Jong-un on Friday.

The Australian Prime Minister was in Melbourne on Friday, visiting a manufacturing business in Chisholm.

However, the Liberal leader was overshadowed by a man dressed up as the North Korean leader, urging people to "vote Liberal".

He walked around the venue saying “I’m here to support [Chisholm MP] Gladys Liu. She supports [Chinese President] Xi Jinping and now she supports [Dear Leader]."

There was an attempt to remove the dictator doppelgänger, with one person saying "this is the most offensive thing I've ever seen on a campaign".

The attempt was unsuccessful, with the Kim Jong-un impersonator turning and saying "excuse me, you do not tell the supreme leader what to do".

"Thank you very much for coming and supporting this great candidate for the area."

When asked by journalists at the event who he really was, the individual replied "Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un".

When asked again he said "Supreme leader, but I'm known by my alias Howard X".

He's a fairly well known impersonator, and was seen during the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.

At the time he told the ABC he aimed to highlight humanitarian issues in North Korea.