Analysis: What to look out for in Budget 2022

1News Political Editor Jessica Mutch McKay on what to look out for in Budget 2022.

Six billion dollars in going to be splashed tomorrow, a record number.

The Government is selling this as the Health and Climate Change budget (it already announced $2.9 billion on Monday) but it’s under pressure to do something about the ballooning cost of living.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson is well aware that Kiwis are feeling it at supermarkets and the petrol pump.

Part of the funding will be used to expand support for children and teens across the country.

I’ve been working my contacts and here are the things to keep an eye out for:

  • Something for first home buyers. The Government is under pressure to try and leave the KiwiBuild saga behind and help first home buyers across the line.
  • More support for first responders, think ambulances and helicopters.
  • Half price public transport. This has been trialled and the government needs to do something to help Kiwis who are struggling. The three month trial is already seeing more people tapping into public transport which also get people off the roads.
  • Dental care for low income families to fulfil a campaign promise.
  • And a big spend up to address the inequalities in Māori health to rival the $1.1 billion from last year.

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Jessica Mutch McKay

It’s going to be a big day. The 1News team will be across all the developments and will keep you posted.

Budget 2022 will be released at 2pm on Thursday, May 19. Watch TVNZ 1 from then for the 1News Budget Special, hosted by Q+A’s Jack Tame, and follow for the latest updates.