Analysis: Australia’s election result should be a wake-up call

Finally, after six long weeks of baby kisses, selfies and tackled kids, Australia has an election result.

Anthony Albanese will be the country’s 31st Prime Minister, making him just the fourth Labor leader to guide the party to victory from opposition since World War II.

Meanwhile for a politician who has spent a lot of the last three years claiming he 'doesn’t hold the hose', Scott Morrison has taken responsibility for last night’s devastating loss.

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At his party headquarters in Sydney on Saturday night, he spoke to a very sombre crowd.

"To my colleagues tonight who have had to deal with very difficult news and who have lost their seats tonight, I, as leader, take responsibility for the wins and the losses."

However, despite a change in government, the real winners of the election were the independent candidates, responsible for a 'teal torrent'.

There are still many seats deemed too close to call, they have had some massive wins in this campaign.

Candidates have campaigned on gender equality, climate change, and made calls for a federal anti-corruption commission (ICAC). With so many people giving them a vote, they’re clearly topics high on the list of priorities for many Australians.

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Independents also claimed a massive scalp in Josh Frydenberg. He’s the deputy Liberal leader, and was touted as a likely replacement for Scott Morrison. However, he was ousted Kooyong, as 'teal' independent Monique Ryan pulled ahead in the polls.

With the deputy and the leader gone, the next person likely to lead the Liberal Party is Peter Dutton, who served as Defence Minister.

In an election where Australians have overwhelmingly sent the message that politicians need to change, and reflect real people, it’s hardly an exciting prospect.

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It’s also not yet clear whether Australia will have a minority or majority Labor government, meaning there’s a real chance that newly-minted PM Albanese will need to reach across the aisle to independent candidates.

Make no mistake, this is a win for Albanese, however Australians have sent a message that the two big parties need to shape up, or ship out.