Brian Tamaki-led protesters stop traffic on Auckland motorway

Source: 1News

Brian Tamaki-led protesters stopped traffic on a busy Auckland motorway on Saturday.

Brian Tamaki speaks at Auckland protest.

The Destiny Church leader spoke to a few hundred Freedom and Rights Coalition protesters at Auckland Domain.

He again aired different grievances with the Government.

The protesters marched out of the Domain and blocked traffic on Auckland's Southern Motorway for an hour around midday.

The protest entered the motorway at the Khyber Pass Rd on-ramp with police stopping traffic behind them.

They then exited at the Gillies Ave off-ramp and looped back onto the motorway heading northbound, blocking traffic heading into the city.

The protesters, by-then numbering over 1000, returned to Auckland Domain.

One cyclist watching the protest said they were "mean-spirited" and "crazy" to cause such disruption.

"Why don't they just get on with life?" she said.

Another onlooker called it "pretty stupid" adding "there are probably safer ways to protest".

Destiny Church Auckland Domain protest.

Around 300 protesters were seen marching through central Wellington chanting for the Government to go.

"We want freedom because our children are suffering, our youth are suffering because of the decisions this Government has made," one protest leader said via loudspeaker.

"We're fighting for freedom from mental health stats, we're fighting for freedom from high cost of living, we're fighting for freedom from everything this Government has put in place that is making us struggle."

Another leader of the Wellington protest compared their movement to that of Indian revolutionary Mahatma Gandhi, whose peaceful protests helped India gain independence from British rule in the 1940s.

"It's amazing what one man could do, to lead peaceful protests right throughout the country and bring about change and that's what we're doing here today," he said.