Jason Momoa involved in crash with motorcyclist near LA

Source: 1News

Aquaman star Jason Momoa has been involved in an accident with a motorcyclist, TMZ has reported.

Jason Momoa.

The star was driving his Oldsmobile muscle car on Old Topanga Canyon Road near Calabasas, Los Angeles, when it was struck by a motorcyclist who allegedly had crossed the centre line on a bend.

TMZ says the rider was flung off his bike, hit the windshield and rolled over the vehicle, but was not seriously hurt.

Momoa also escaped injury.

"The motorcycle rider was transported to the hospital with minor injuries – including bruising to their leg and an injury to their thumb – but beyond that ... they seemed alright," TMZ reported.

"Jason's fine too...cops were on the scene and took reports, but nothing else came of the accident."

Momoa's a big fan of motorcycles, which feature on his Instagram page.