Opinion: Bungled Te Puke/Hawaii holiday post a test for Luxon

It’s not about a holiday - it’s about trust.

Parliament is brutal, leaders need a break and often it’s better to go overseas so they can switch off. But, you can’t say you’re working in Te Puke when you’re actually holidaying in Hawaii.

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Yesterday was a test for National's leader Christopher Luxon.

It was a test of his political instincts and his ability to think on his feet. It was a test to see if he’s nimble under pressure. It was a test of his leadership.

Yesterday will have felt very different from the media interviews he was used to doing while he was CEO of Air New Zealand.

1News political editor Jessica Mutch McKay.

As Opposition leader he is auditioning to be Prime Minister and the public need to see how he responds.

Luxon told the truth, so that’s a good start and although he looked rattled, his instincts were good.

He did take a few hours to reflect, then came out and conceded it was a mistake and that it wasn’t intentional. Saying 'we got it wrong' and 'we won’t do it again' was the right response.

The reason National will be disappointed is that they were hoping for momentum this week on pressing issues such as truancy and the cost of living crisis.

Instead they’re talking about his holiday.

Jacinda Ardern also took a holiday overseas. She stayed on in Fiji after the Pacific Island Forum for the Friday and the weekend, but didn’t post on social media that she was anywhere else.

Social media gives us a glimpse into politicians' lives and it need to be authentic.