Cost of living payment text scam prompts warning

Source: 1News

Kiwis are being warned about scam text messages being sent about Monday's first instalment of the cost of living payment.

Hacker, generic.

The message reads: "[GOVT] you will receive an amount from the government to view it verify now".

The message is followed by a link that CERT NZ, a cyber security referral partner of a number of Government agencies, says should not be opened.

"Often scammers use timely and current events to try and deceive people into being scammed. They will use a sense of urgency to get you to act without thinking and will include a link," CERT NZ posted on its Facebook page.

"If you have received a text scam or have received a suspicious text, you can also forward the text free-of-charge to 7726."

CERT NZ says you should contact your bank or IRD immediately if you think information may have been given to a potential scammer.

It comes as the first instalment of the Government's cost of living payment should arrive in the bank accounts of more than two million Kiwis on Monday.

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Anyone who earns below $70,000 a year, is a New Zealand tax resident aged 18 and over, and who is not receiving the winter energy payment, is entitled to the payment.

As long as IRD has your bank account details, the money will be automatically paid out - there's nothing more you need to do.

The first instalment on Monday, August 1 will be $116.

The next two $116 instalments will come on September 1 and October 3.