Breakfast reporter takes Sky Tower plunge: 'I swore so much'

Source: 1News

Breakfast reporter Grace Thomas has become the latest person on the show to leap off the Sky Tower, but her effort was extra special, given it is the Auckland landmark's 25th anniversary.

Thomas was full of bravado before the leap, but said it belied the Breakfast team's claims to be a family environment as "now you're chucking me off the Sky Tower", she told the hosts back in the studio.

"I don't see any of you guys up here, just saying."

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Thankfully her mic was muted as she took the leap, saying as she landed "I swore so much. I hope no-one had my mic on because the words that were coming out of my mouth, my grandmother would be horrified".

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She said the jump was "mean".

Breakfast also played a clip of an infamous moment in Breakfast's past, when former weatherman Sam Wallace refused to jump, storming down from the tower via the lift and back into TVNZ over the road.