Flight delays at Auckland Airport due to fog

Source: 1News

Fog restrictions are in place at Auckland Airport this morning with travellers being warned to expect cancellations and delays to flights.

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Much of Auckland is waking up to a thick blanket of fog.

"Air New Zealand have confirmed that approximately 13 domestic regional flights have been cancelled and three domestic regional flights have been delayed, due to the fog," the airport said in a statement at 7.40am.

A blanket of fog covered Auckland city this morning. (Source: Alex Gilbert)

Main trunk domestic flights to Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown have not been affected by fog.

International flights have not been affected by the fog.

However four international flights are listed as cancelled on the airport's website.

All four cancelled flights were due to depart for Chile at 6.30am.

The airport says passengers should check with their airline for the latest flight information.