'FARC off Brian' group to 'peacefully' counter Tamaki-led protest

Source: 1News

"We're looking to have a celebration and fun, in a peaceful and non-violent manner," says the organiser of a Saturday counter-protest to Brian Tamaki-led Freedom and Rights Coalition march.

Counter-protest to the Freedom and Rights Coalition's event at Auckland Domain on August 6.

It comes as the Destiny Church leader's supporters prepared to undertake a "Kiwi Patriot Day and March" at Auckland Domain on Saturday afternoon, which it promised would be "impactive".

The coalition said there would be a "new umbrella political party announcement" at the event, which advertised a farmer's market, live music and food trucks.

Brian Tamaki at an earlier Auckland protest.

RNZ reported Auckland Council had warned the coalition it needed a permit to "lawfully proceed" with the event.

It comes two weeks after the anti-Government protesters stopped traffic on the busy State Highway 1.

In a Facebook post, 'FARC off Brian' counter-protest organiser Mark Graham said they weren't planning to stop anyone from walking onto the motorway.

"That isn't our job. We are not looking for a confrontation, but to show that a diverse and inclusive community has a positive message for New Zealand," Graham said.

"We want everyone to wear pink or bright colours, to show we're there in a non-threatening manner - so feel free to wear tutus and wigs and clown noses."

Counter-protesters said they aimed to "counter hate" and provide an alternative view to that of the coalition. They planned to gather near the Auckland Museum.