Levin residents return home after 2-day police standoff ends

Source: 1News

Levin residents who were evacuated as a two-day police standoff unfolded are now able to return home.

Police cordons in place at the scene in Levin.

About 80 people were evacuated from their houses after a standoff between police and a man inside a Bledisloe St property.

That came to an end on Friday night after firefighters extinguished a blaze at the property. The man was taken to hospital and his dog was found alive.

Overnight, police said inspections had finished at the Bledisloe St property to make sure there wasn't any other risk to the community.

Cordons in the area had been reduced overnight and residents were told it was safe to return home.

"Police would like to once again thank all those impacted by this incident for their support as we worked to achieve a peaceful resolution," a police spokesperson said.

"Bledisloe St residents can expect to see a continued police presence in the street in the coming days, but we want to reassure residents that there is no need for concern."

Where to get help.

On Thursday, police cordoned Bledisloe St after a person reportedly threatened self-harm.

Manawatu area commander Inspector Sarah Stewart said the evacuation was done as a precaution.