Olivia Newton John's fans, co-stars pay tribute after her death

As news spread of Olivia Newton John's death, fans flocked to social media to listen to her hit songs - and headed down to Hollywood Boulevard to lay tributes on her Walk of Fame star.

"It hits hard, you know, when your idols die," said one woman.

"It's like even a piece of your family, because you grew up with them."

Newton John had been battling breast cancer, her third recurrence of the disease in three decades.

"She just always exuded that positivity, just the way she handled that journey. With grace," said Barry Pearl, who played Doody in the movie hit Grease - the film that launched Newton John's American career.

"I said... Olivia, you are the love and the light."

Dame Olivia began her singing career aged 14 after winning a competition for a trip to England, where she was born.

She sang at Eurovision, placing fourth in the year ABBA won with 'Waterloo.'

Her success lead her to the United States, where she began singing country music before being offered a lead role on Grease.

Pearl recalled that Newton John was so unsure about taking on the role of Sandy, that she asked for a screen-test with co-star John Travolta before committing to the film.

"She insisted on having a screen test before she agreed to do this, she wanted to make sure that everybody - including herself - felt like she could pull this off, and she did with flying colours," remembered Pearl.

The film went on to become a worldwide sensation, and launched Newton John's US career.

Her hit song Physical even caused a run on sales of athletic headbands.

Her Grease co-star Travolta has also paid tribute to the actress, who was awarded a damehood in 2019, in a post on Instagram.

"I love you so much. We will see you down the road and we will all be together again. Your Danny, your John," he wrote.

Dame Olivia won four Grammy awards, sold 100 million records and was inducted into Australia's ARIA Hall of Fame over her fifty-year career.

In her final interview, played on Japanese television earlier this year, Newton John reflected on her lifetime achievements.

"My parents said I sang from the moment I could speak... so, it's been a wonderful ride," she said.