Mum of jockey who died in fall says son 'had no regrets'

Source: 1News

The mother of a jockey who died nearly a week after a fall at Cambridge says her son "had no regrets".

Taiki Yanagida in March 2022

Taiki Yanagida, 28, died at Waikato Hospital, having suffered head and spinal injuries after falling from his mount.

His mother, who along with one of Taiki's sisters was by his side when he died, said in a statement that being a jockey wasn't what she'd imagined her son would do for a career, but took comfort in the fact he had no doubts.

"Taiki repeatedly said he had no regrets," Kayano Yanagida said.

"He told us the same when he went back to New Zealand from Kyoto a month ago. As his family, we will always remember these words as we think of him."

"Taiki’s achievements could not have been reached without the support from each of his friends, acquaintances, and horse racing associates. With their help, he was able to overcome difficulties, always aiming ever higher. We express our deep gratitude."

Bruce Sharrock, chief executive of New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing, said Taiki, known as Tiger, touched the lives of many in New Zealand.

"That beaming smile will be an enduring memory when we remember him,” he said.

The NZTR is organising a fundraiser for Taiki's family.

Donations can be made to 01-0517-00063944-07 using the reference Taiki.