Trump says his Mar-a-Lago estate 'under siege' as FBI raids offices

The FBI has reportedly removed 12 boxes from Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, as part of a search warrant related to the former US president keeping classified documents.

The warrant – which had to be signed off by a federal judge – was executed while Trump was staying at his New York apartment.

He issued a statement claiming his house was "under siege" and accusing the FBI of "prosecutorial misconduct".

But while the search may be bad news for the president in legal terms, it's only boosted his political popularity.

"We feel the FBI is doing a political hit job on President Trump," said a man who joined a handful of other Trump supporters outside the mansion's gates in Florida.

Republican politicians – who in recent months had been shying away from a president embroiled in controversy – also returned to his side.

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"Americans are very, very concerned what's happening with the Department of Justice, what's happening with the FBI," said Mike Turner, a Republican from Ohio who sits on the House Intelligence Committee.

Rudy Giuliani, the president's former lawyer, said the warrant execution was the "worst day in the history of the FBI".

Neither the Attorney-General or the Department of Justice have commented on the warrant, and the White House says President Joe Biden has not received any briefings on the matter either.

Trump appears to be taking it all in his stride however, releasing a new fundraising video shortly after the search of his private offices and safe had finished.

"Soon we will have greatness again," he promised.