Analysis: Difficult to see Sharma staying on as MP with Labour

Maiki Sherman
Source: 1News

It's difficult to see Gaurav Sharma staying on as an MP with the Labour Party in the current circumstances after another day where he made further bullying allegations, 1News' deputy political editor Maiki Sherman says.

Hamilton West MP Gaurav Sharma.

Sharma does have the support of his local electorate committee and "in a party like Labour that counts for a lot", Sherman said. They have written a letter in support of their MP, asking the Labour Party to investigate Sharma's original complaints.

"But there is a strong argument that he has indeed brought the party into disrepute, attacking and putting the knife into some of his senior colleagues including ministers almost on a daily basis."

And now a special meeting of the Labour caucus has been called to try and resolve the issue.

"It is unsure at this stage if that caucus meeting will be held online or in person, but either way, Gaurav Sharma will be invited to attend and put his case to his caucus colleagues," Sherman said.

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"If the caucus members decide to get rid of him, to out him from the party, they will do a vote to achieve that.

"Of course, if he resigns it will spark a byelection for that Hamilton West electorate.

"But if he decides to stay on as a sole MP he will be sitting here for a very lonely 18 months until the next election."

On Friday, Sharma poster further allegations of bullying within the Labour Party on Facebook, to add to an earlier Facebook post on Friday and an op-ed in the New Zealand Herald on Thursday.

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He posted the new allegations at the time Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was holding her weekly media conference.