Elderly couple left homeless as slip sweeps away house

August 20, 2022

A neighbour, Justin Morrison, told 1News the couple had to quickly evacuate from their house overnight as it started to move.

"They came down to [stay with] us. After feeding the stock this morning I went down the road and their house has come down the hill 50 metres and is blocking the top side of Ronga Rd and the bottom side below their house is an enormous slip, so we're now cut off," Morrison told 1News.

While the house was still structurally stable, power lines were still active and made it dangerous to re-enter and check the damage, Morrison said.

The elderly couple were now left homeless.

"They literally came to us with just one black bag with a few clothes in it, which by the time they got to us was soaked."

Things were "getting a bit anxious" as the weather continues to batter the area and Morrison said it could be days before the roads are cleared.

"We're seriously cut off now and we'll see what happens."

Morrison said the ongoing storm was the worst he had ever experienced in his lifetime.

Around 100 evacuations were carried out in the Nelson Tasman region overnight, with rain continuing to hit the region on Saturday morning.

A Givealittle has been set up for the couple.