Black Ferns come from behind to defeat Wallaroos

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Relive our live updates of the Black Ferns Test against Australia at Adelaide Oval.

 Ayesha Leti-I’iga of New Zealand in action against Australia.

FT: NZL 22-14 AUS

New Zealand prevail after being down early in the match and being dealt a yellow card. They remained calm and had to hold off a tenacious Australian defensive line.

While it wasn't the most complete performance from the Black Ferns, they will be pleased with their attitude and commitment which will bode well as they prepare to host the World Cup in October.

79min: NZL 22-14 AUS


Terita scores her second try in a sensational debut for Australia as they manage to finish the game on a high. McKenzie successfully converts.

77min: NZL 22-7 AUS

McKenzie gets an intercept and the Aussies are back on attack as they try to get their first points of the second half.

76min: NZL 22-7 AUS

Demant kicks the ball into touch as we go to a Black Ferns lineout.

72min: NZL 22-7 AUS

Krystal Murray makes a break as the Australians try to keep up. But we go back to a Australia scrum. The Black Ferns try to maintain pressure on the Wallaroos as the game goes into the final minutes.

69min: NZL 22-7 AUS

Australia win the ball and we go to a Australia lineout in front of the 10 metre line.

64min: NZL 22-7 AUS

Demant misses the conversion but the Black Ferns hold the advantage with just over 15 minutes left.

62min: NZL 22-7 AUS

NZL TRY! We go to another scrum. The Black Ferns are approaching the try line. They try to go out wide but come back in as Kendra Reynolds scores.

58min: NZL 17-7 AUS

What Australia did to the Black Ferns in the first half, they are now doing to them. Strong defence is causing the Wallaroos to concede errors.

53min: NZL 17-7 AUS

Whatever they talked about at the half time break has helped, the Kiwis build on their momentum, winning a scrum penalty and kick towards the 22 metre line.

51min: NZL 17-7 AUS

Demant successfully converts the try to put the Kiwis up by 10.

50min: NZL 15-7 AUS

NZL TRY! Joanah Ngan Woo powers through to score off the back of a good carry by debutant Santo Taumata.

48min: NZL 10-7 AUS

McMenamin makes a break through the middle as she tries to stay on her feet. Tui pushes through the Aussie defence to get close to the try line. But Australia are awarded a penalty.

43min: NZL 10-7 AUS

Possession is back with New Zealand. They try to create some space but their options are limited. Tui is surrouned by yellow jerseys.

40min: NZL 10-7 AUS

We go to an Australia scrum. Bridie O'Gorman wins a penalty for the Wallaroos as they go to a lineout.

HT: NZL 10-7 AUS

The Aussies have come out firing especially on defence, making the Kiwis forwards work hard to gain ground. Despite an early yellow card, the Black Ferns remained composed and have the advantage at the half time break.

Stay with us team. We'll bring you more action in the second half shortly.

40min: NZL 10-7 AUS

The sirens sound and the Black Ferns lead the Wallaroos going into the break.

37min NZL 10-7 AUS

New Zealand try to attack but remain under pressure. Australia get a penalty for not rolling away in the ruck and we go to a scrum.

33min: NZL 10-7 AUS

McMenamin goes full force into the Australian defensive line. Australia get a penalty.

31min: NZL 10-7 AUS

The Black Ferns are approaching their score line as Australia try to hold their ground. They go out wide but winger Ayesha Leti-I’iga can't quite get the pass as she is met by relentless defence from the Wallaroos.

28min: NZL 10-7 AUS

A blow for the Black Ferns as their co-captain Kennedy Simon walks off with an injury, and Charmaine McMenamin comes on to replace her.

27min: NZL 10-7 AUS

The Wallaroos' Atasi Lafai receives a yellow card due to too many yellow card infringements.

25min: NZL 10-7 AUS

NZL TRY! Luka Connor scores the Black Ferns first try. Demant converts as the Kiwis fight back to get in front.

22min: NZL 3-7 AUS

Tui isn't making it easy for Australia, taking down players and forcing a turnover. The Black Ferns try to go fast passing out wide but they're met by an Australian wall.

19min: NZL 3-7 AUS

The Black Ferns are building some momentum as they move close to five metres near the try line. They win a penalty and co-captain Ruahei Demant kicks for goal to get New Zealand their first points of the game.

14min: NZL 0-7 AUS

Ruby Tui thumps a kick down the field and Australia's McKenzie kicks it back into touch. Australia are preventing the Kiwis from playing free-flowing rugby.

11min: NZL 0-7 AUS

Black Fern Chelsea Semple is walking off the field after taking a big hit. New Zealand now have 14 women on the field as they are given a yellow card for involvement in the collision.

11min: NZL 0-7 AUS

AUS TRY! Australia regroups and this time Terita crosses for the first try of the match. Arabella McKenzie successfully converts the try.

8min: NZL 0-0 AUS

The Wallaroos are in the Black Ferns 22 on the back of some attacking momentum, and good connections in the midfield. They knock the ball on but we go back to the penalty. Australia is closing in on the try line.

They go out wide to debutant Bienne Terita but she can't quite hold on as the ball flies into touch.

5min: NZL 0-0 AUS

The Black Ferns win the ball back after Australia got the penalty. Sloppy ball lead to an advantage to Australia. We go to a scrum.

2min: NZL 0-0 AUS

New Zealand make an early mistake losing the ball on attack. But the Black Ferns get it back and go to a lineout. They are making metres as they challenge Australia's defensive line with power.


We're underway in Adelaide!


The Black Ferns come into today's game having thrashed Australia 52-5 last week. It will be their last match before the Rugby World Cup at home in October.

It's part of a big double-header with the Wallabies also hosting South Africa at the same venue.

15-year-old Grace Steinmetz will make her debut starting for New Zealand at fullback while 19-year-old Santo Taumata is also set to make her debut, coming off the bench in the number 18 jersey.

New Zealand were dominant in their last encounter, led by veteran Kendra Cocksedge.

Head coach Wayne Smith was pleased with that result but believes his team can do better.

“You’ve got to be happy with the score, no doubt about that. But we’re a bit disappointed with some of the skill level. We had a really good week working hard on playing an expansive game and we probably left about five or six tries out there.”


Black Ferns: 15. Grace Steinmetz*, 14. Ruby Tui, 13. Sylvia Brunt, 12. Chelsea Semple, 11. Ayesha Leti-I’iga, 10. Ruahei Demant (cc), 9. Ariana Bayler, 8. Kennedy Simon (cc), 7. Kendra Reynolds, 6. Alana Bremner, 5. Joanah Ngan Woo, 4. Maiakawanakaulani Roos, 3. Amy Rule, 2. Luka Connor, 1. Pip Love

Reserves: 16. Natalie Delamare, 17. Krystal Murray, 18. Santo Taumata*, 19. Chelsea Bremner, 20. Charmaine McMenamin, 21. Arihiana Marino-Tauhinu, 22. Renee Holmes, 23. Hazel Tubic

Wallaroos: 15. Pauline Pilae-Rasambale, 14. Bienne Terita, 13. Georgina Friedrichs, 12. Siokapesi Palu, 11. Ivania Wong, 10. Arabella McKenzie, 9. Iliseva Batibasaga, 8. Grace Hamilton, 7. Shannon Parry (c), 6. Emily Chancellor, 5. Michaela Leonard, 4. Atasi Lafai, 3. Eva Karpani, 2. Adiana Talakai, 1. Liz Patu

Reserves: 16. Ashley Marsters, 17. Emily Robinson, 18. Bridie O'Gorman, 19. Kaitlan Leaney, 20. Piper Duck, 21, Layne Morgan, 22. Trilleen Pomare, 23. Lori Cramer