Warnings of more heavy rain for already sodden parts of NZ

August 29, 2022

MetService is warning already sodden parts of the South Island could be hit by heavy rain again this week.

The weather forecaster said a front will slowly move northwards from late Wednesday bringing heavy rain to the West Coast.

"Perhaps of even greater concern is that the front should also bring a period of rain for Tasman, Nelson and Marlborough from late Friday into Saturday, with heavy falls about the ranges likely to cause more problems in these already sodden regions," MetService said in a statement on Monday.

According to MetService meteorologist Stephen Glassey: "We could see over 300mm in the ranges of Westland later this week, and possibly 50 to 70mm in the ranges near Nelson and northern Marlborough.

"This amount of rain wouldn’t normally cause too many problems in Nelson and Marlborough but because they have already had extreme amounts of rain recently it could lead to more slips."

It comes as rain records in Nelson and Blenheim have already been toppled this winter, with both having three times their average rainfall.

"Nelson Airport has recorded over 700mm rain since the beginning of June, beating their previous record of 570mm in 1970. Meanwhile, Woodbourne Airport in Blenheim has had around 560mm this winter beating their previous record of 377mm in 2010," MetService said.

Zenon, Antek and Monty playing in their flooded street in Brightwater, Tasman.

"Orange heavy rain warnings and watches are likely to be issued for the West Coast, Tasman, Nelson and Marlborough regions in the coming days."

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It's better news for the rest of the country, with a mostly dry settled week expected ahead of the front moving north on the weekend.