Former Gloriavale resident sheds tears as she gives evidence

Ryan Boswell
Source: 1News

A former Gloriavale resident has told the Employment Court she lived in fear of the men and the abuse at the West Coast commune.

Rose Standtrue shed tears as she gave evidence on Wednesday.

“I wanted to commit suicide because I was real depressed and had anxiety and PTSD and I felt like that was the only way out of Gloriavale.

The Gloriavale community on the West Coast.

“I’ve been warned by older girls to keep away from certain married men. I’ve seen girls be touched inappropriately by men while they are working and had this happen to me,” said Standtrue.

She was born and raised in the isolated community and left last year at the age of 22.

Standtrue said it was a struggle to get time off for sick leave.

“I was shamed for being sick due to my period and mocked because others could work when they got their periods so why couldn’t I?”

Her family have mostly cut her off, but today through a court lawyer her mother reached out.

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“I would like to thank Rose for all she did for us. I will be forever grateful,” read the statement.

Standtrue replied: “I would like to know why my mum can’t tell me to my face."

With claims of long work days with no breaks and little food, six former Gloriavale women are arguing they should have been treated as employees rather than volunteers.

“Half of them wouldn’t even eat lunch, they’d often find something to nibble or pick on”, said former member Pearl Valor.

She said young women would be made to lift 20kg crates with no help.

The hearing continues.

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