Foreign nuclear secrets found at Trump mansion - report

Source: 1News

Highly classified documents outlining the nuclear weapon capabilities of a foreign government were among those uncovered during the FBI search of Trump's Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, according to a report.

The Washington Post reported today that the document is one of a number uncovered at the property that is beyond top secret, typically only available to the most senior US officials.

The papers' sources did not reveal where within Mar-a-Lago the document was found, or say which foreign government is discussed in the classified document, including whether it was a nation that was friendly or hostile to the US.

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After today's story went to print, various media organisations made requests for comment from both Trump representatives and the US Justice Department. Both have remained silent on the matter.

FBI agents in August seized roughly 11,000 documents and 1800 other items from Mar-a-Lago as part of a criminal investigation into the retention of national defence information there, according to the Associated Press.

Along with highly classified government documents, AP revealed that agents who searched former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate also found dozens of empty folders marked classified but with nothing inside and no explanation of what might have been there, according to a more detailed inventory of the seized material made public last Friday.