A look at the giant sized offerings as Costco Auckland opens

Lucy Anderson
Source: 1News

Costco opened its first New Zealand store in West Auckland today, 1News' Lucy Anderson took a look at what's on offer.

A trolley load of goods at Costco

Coffins, giant donuts, car tyres and fresh flowers - you name it, and Costco probably sells it.

The point of difference though, most products are jumbo sized or sold in bulk.

Best Foods Mayonnaise at Costco.

Shelves were full of 1.9L jars of Best Foods Mayonnaise, compared to the usual 405g size.

Also spotted were 36 pack Oaty Slices, usually sold at supermarkets in packets of six.

Oaty slices at Costco.

Surf laundry power, another jumbo offering, was $31.99 for 10kgs.

The mega store also had value pack cereals, with 1.2kgs of Nutri-Grain compared to the 765g boxes sold in supermarkets.

Is it actually cheaper?

For $12.98 you can buy 1.6kg of Obela hummus. Comparatively on Countdown's website, it costs $9.90 for 1kg of the same brand, an 18 cent difference per 100g.

Hummus at Costco.

Surf laundry power was $3.20 per kg while New World sells the same product online for $4.99 per kg, a 36 per cent difference.

Best Foods Mayonnaise at Costco was 89 cents per 100g whereas at Countdown, it's $1.70 per 100g, around a 52 per cent difference.

Best Foods Mayonnaise at Costco.

Snickers bars were $44.99 for 48 bars which is 94 cents per bar, compared to $1.99 per bar today at New World.

New Zealand Gourmet Blueberries were available for $59.98 per kg, compared to around $103 per kg for the same brand at Countdown at today's prices.

Products you can't find anywhere else

"Jumbo donuts" topped with m&ms and sprinkles were a fan favourite at today's opening.

Costco donut.

Kirkland Maple Syrup was another rare find, with one shopper saying he loves it so much he used to bring bottles of it home when travelling overseas.

Maple syrup at Costco.

North America's Cheesecake Factory also have their baked treats on offer.

The store's opening has been so popular police issued a traffic delay warning in the Westgate area this afternoon.

"Unless you are specifically travelling to the area, motorists are advised to take another route to get to their destination."

Costco NZ's managing director Patrick Noone told 1News it’s an exciting and humbling day to finally be open.

"It's also the result of a lot of really hard work by my employees and our vendors here in New Zealand as well."

Costco bears.

He said he thinks Costco will make a decent difference to the supermarket duopoly in Aotearoa.

"It's nothing but good you know, competition makes us all work harder and strive to be better so if we all do that because of more competition then the people of New Zealand win," Noone said.

He says prices are difficult to gauge but customers should expect to pay 20 - 30% less.

"Obviously not every product is like that but fresh food, the quality's fantastic and the savings are there as well."