US hunter kills husky after mistaking it for 'predator wolf pup'

Source: 1News

A hunter in Montana shot and killed a husky dog after mistaking it for a "predator wolf pup".

A generic image of a husky pup

Amber Rose Barnes prompted outrage after posting about the kill, along with photos of the dead husky.

"So this morning I set out for a solo predator hunt for a fall black bear," she wrote on Facebook.

"However, I got the opportunity to take another predator wolf pup. 2022 was a great feeling to text my man and say I just smoked a wolf pup."

Her error was pointed out after she posted to social media.

Flathead county sherrif's office said the dead animal was one of 11 husky and shepherd mixes that had been abandoned in forestry.

"The parties were able to pick up 11 dogs which were turned over to Animal Control and taken to the animal shelter. Animal Control later located several other dogs in the Doris Creek area which were also taken to the animal shelter. Several of the dogs have tested positive for parvovirus and are currently being evaluated. We are looking to identify the person or persons who left the dogs in the area of Doris Creek," the sheriff’s office said.

"During this investigation, we were advised through Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks that one of the dogs may have been shot. The person who is believed to have shot the dog has been identified. The case is under investigation."

Once the error came to light, Barnes defended her actions.

"Yes I made a mistake because I did think it was a hybrid wolf pup … yes I would still have shot it because it was aggressive and coming directly for me!"