'Cows' painted green on Parliament lawn in climate protest

Source: 1News

Activists dressed as Jacinda Ardern and James Shaw have covered people wearing inflatable cow suits in green paint in a climate protest today.

Greenpeace brought a "mock dairy herd" to Parliament's lawn, to symbolise the Government's "greenwashing" of climate action.

Protesters wearing masks depicting the Prime Minister and Climate Change Minister painted the "cows" green, in an attempt to highlight inaction from the Government in addressing the dairy industry.

In a statement, Greenpeace described the dairy industry as New Zealand's "biggest climate polluter".

Loud mooing could be heard outside Parliament today amid the protest.

Green smoke was also seen billowing out of a mock synthetic nitrogen fertiliser factory.

James Shaw defended his party's track record in response to the protest this afternoon.

"The Greens have taken more action to protect the climate than the last three decades of Governments combined," he said.

Shaw said the Greens being in Government was the "only reason" Aotearoa has a plan to target emissions.

However, he admitted that it wasn't enough and more action was needed.

"We know the pace of change is too slow. But the only way to address that is to help get more Green MPs into the next Parliament, and more Green Ministers into the next Government."