Young Auckland couple burst into tears with $4m Lotto win

Source: 1News

A young Auckland couple burst into tears after realising their Lotto ticket had just won them $4.25 million dollars.

Person buying a lotto ticket.

The man jumped online at the last minute to buy a ticket, as his wife headed out for work last Saturday night.

Later on that same night, the man received an email from Lotto NZ saying he had won a prize.

"I sent my wife a screenshot of the email and told her I wouldn’t log in until she was home in the morning."

The next morning the couple sat down to breakfast to check their ticket over breakfast, thinking they had won a small prize.

"We just kept seeing the numbers circle and then the winning music played – we were gobsmacked when we saw $4,250,000 stamped across the top of the ticket – we were so excited and overwhelmed that we both burst into tears," the woman said.

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, have big plans for their winnings.

"We would love to buy our first home, go travelling, and help our families. Once all that is sorted, we would like to get involved in some outreach work. We feel so fortunate to have won this prize and we want to make sure others benefit from it too."