Gloriavale's exposed finances show millions in Govt grants, funding

Ryan Boswell
Source: 1News

Gloriavale’s financial records have been revealed, exposing millions of dollars in Government grants and funding.

Chartered accountant Gordon Hansen has been called as an expert witness at the Employment Court, which is considering whether six women were employees or volunteers at the West Coast commune.

He said Gloriavale spends over $2 million a year on food, clothing, accommodation and medical treatment for its 600 members.

“I've calculated Gloriavale spent approximately $72.45 per person, per week on living costs.

“The Working for Families payments are the main source of cash inflow that funds the personal needs of the private members of Gloriavale, other income is very minimal,” said Hansen.

Last year the secretive community got more than $2 million in Government grants to provide early childhood education, almost $300k for its private school, while the commune’s midwives received another $200k.


Gloriavale lawyer Philip Skelton questioned the amount calculated for living costs, and said meat from the farm and vegetables from the garden meant it was an underestimate.

He said the total revenue for 2021 for Gloriavale’s trust was $19 million, and that meant the funding for early childhood education was just a “little bit over 10% of the total revenue”.

The hearing has been going for five weeks, and will continue for another month next year when more of Gloriavale’s residents give evidence.