Bay of Plenty highway potholes leaves dozens with flat tyres

Source: Radio New Zealand

Traffic management is in place over the Bay of Plenty Kaimai Ranges as a cluster of potholes continues to grow and disrupt traffic.

Dozens of cars were shown in a video online damaged by potholes.

Footage yesterday shows at least a dozen vehicles were queued on the side of State Highway 29 in heavy rain.

People appeared to be assessing their vehicles for damage.

Contractors discovered a series of potholes across an almost 10-meter section of the road.

Contractors shifted a lane of traffic to fill in the potholes, but more have popped up since and in both directions, Waka Kotahi said.

A crawler lane is closed today before Hanga Road, near the summit, and traffic management is in place, along with a speed restriction for the weekend.

Region System Manager Roger Brady said the road deteriorated quickly due to the heavy rain and traffic.

He said it is becoming an increasing issue.

"This winter has seen a significant increase in potholes across the country, compared to the past three years.

"This is down to a combination of current network conditions and the wet winter."

Next month, repairs will be undertaken to specific areas of SH29 to strengthen the road structure, which Brady says will reduce the likelihood of potholes occurring in the future.