Fboy Island contestant edited out after suffocation charge revealed

Source: 1News

A contestant on controversial reality TV series Fboy Island is being edited out of the show after it was revealed he was charged last year with suffocating a drunk and vulnerable teenager in his home.

FBOY Island contestant Wayde Moore.

Fboy Island sees 20 men compete for the affections of three women, who must determine whether the contestants are "nice guys" looking for love, or self-proclaimed "f*** boys" competing for money.

Wayde Moore, 26, appeared before the courts last year charged with allegedly luring the intoxicated woman to his flat in an attempt to have sex with her despite her repeated rejection of his advances, the New Zealand Herald reported yesterday.

He was found not guilty of attempting to suffocate the woman, who has name suppression, but his actions were labelled as "deeply inappropriate and disrespectful" by the judge.

Moore's appearance on the show and promotional material will now be wiped after the woman filed a complaint to the state broadcaster last week.

In a statement, a TVNZ spokesperson said today that the production company Warner Brothers had "carried out psychological assessments and Ministry of Justice checks on all contestants, as is standard procedure for content of this nature commissioned by TVNZ".

"Nothing regarding this issue was raised from these checks in regards to this contestant, nor was anything further disclosed by the contestant.

"Following conversations with all parties, we have decided it is in the best interests of all involved to remove him as a contestant from the show and promotion."

A review into Warner Brothers screening practices will be investigated in the coming days, TVNZ said.

The woman told the Herald on Sunday that TVNZ's handling of her complaint is "a prime example of why women don't speak up".

"Women have been silenced for too long and it needs to change," she said.

Moore told the Herald he failed to inform the show's producers of the court case because he believed it "was something that was dealt with and was over".

He said his decision to appear on the show was based on the incident, saying, "I was going on there to show people can be better and this is me trying to be better."

Fboy Island is due to air on TVNZ this month.