How Bella Hadid's striking spray-on dress was made

Source: 1News

Model Bella Hadid stunned the fashion world over the weekend after modelling a spray-on dress during Paris Fashion week, leaving many wondering how it all worked.

Hadid could be seen standing on the runway wearing nothing but a G-string before two men sprayed her with a white mist.

After a short moment, she then walked down the runway in a fully formed dress.

The spray, created by Manel Torres in 2003, is called Fabrican, dubbed "couture in a can."

Bella Hadid wears a spray-on dress.

The spray is a liquid fibre that's bound together with polymers, bio-polymers and greener solvents, evaporating when it hits a surface.

Torres say the fabric feels like suede but the texture can change depending on what fibres are used and how the spray is applied.

Fabrican has been used to headline past fashion shows and was also named by Time Magazine as one of The Fifty Best Inventions of 2010.

Hadid posted the dress to Instagram with the caption: "There is no singular person more important than the next.

"Only together can we make magic …. Thank you for all of the love …. I am still speechless."