Virgin Atlantic ditches gender-specific uniforms

Source: 1News

Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic airline has announced it's dropping gender-specific uniforms for its staff.

Tyreece Nye in a Virgin Atlantic uniform. (Source: Virgin Airlines).

The airline said its new gender identity policy allows crew members to wear whichever uniform they like, regardless of the original male and female designs.

The two different uniforms, which are designed by Vivienne Westwood, are either a burgundy pant suit or red skirt and blazer.

"The policy, effective today, champions the individuality of Virgin Atlantic’s people by enabling them to wear the clothing that expresses how they identify or present themselves," Virgin Atlantic said.

The airline is also offering optional pronoun badges, ticketing system changes to allow passport holders with gender neutral gender markers to use their gender titles, and compulsory inclusivity staff training.

Virgin Atlantic has also made make up optional and allowed visible tattoos for crew members and front line staff.

It comes as the airline updated its existing trans inclusion policies, which already allows time off for medical treatments related to gender transition.