Gloriavale: Dairy company ordered to keep collecting milk

October 4, 2022
A glass of milk (file picture).

The High Court has ordered Westland Dairy Company to keep collecting milk from Gloriavale’s dairy farm operations.

Westland earlier this year withdrew from taking the milk, following an Employment Court ruling which stated that some of Gloriavale’s businesses were using child labour.

Gloriavale’s Canaan Farming Dairy Ltd then sought an injunction through the High Court to force the company to maintain its milk collection role.

The High Court has ruled that its decision was “subject to the condition that Canaan not employ any minors”.

"There shall be an order requiring Westland to collect the milk supply from Canaan’s farms Bell Hill, Gloriavale and Glen Hopeful pending further order of the Court subject to the condition that Canaan not employ any minors or associate partners under the age of 18 on its farms pending determination of the substantive proceedings," the ruling said.

Gloriavale had argued the Employment Court ruling wasn't related to its farms.

In a separate issue, the Employment Court is considering whether six women were employees or volunteers at the West Coast commune.

That hearing is now paused until next year.