Revealed: The most popular dog names in Auckland

Source: 1News

Auckland Council has released its list of the most popular dog names in the region.

Generic image of a Labrador

As part of its Animal Management Annual Report 2021 – 2022, the council noted the most popular names and breeds for our four-legged friends.

It's based off registered dogs over the past year.

Most popular names

Male dogs: Charlie (1035), Max (977), Buddy (718), Toby (603), Rocky (599).

Female dogs: Bella (1539), Molly (920), Poppy (906), Luna (832), Coco (818).

Most popular breeds

Labrador retriever (15114), Staffordshire bull terrier (6905), border collie (6054), miniature schnauzer (4731), shih tzu (4610).

See the full list, including the rarest dog breeds here