Good Sorts: Gisborne teen masters basketball single-handedly

October 10, 2022

Like many skilled Year 13 basketball players, Paku Wilson dreams of playing in the big leagues overseas.

But unlike other players, Wilson can dribble and shoot around opponents, despite having only one fully-formed hand.

"It's all about practice to be honest. I've been training since I was five," Wilson said.

"My opponents do get surprised. They think it will be easy.

"I can do everything people with two hands can do, sometimes even better."

He's up every morning before dawn, training at the Gisborne Boys' High School gym. By mid-morning, he's coaching at Gisborne's YMCA.

Wilson's coach David Glendenning says he's an inspiration to those around him.

"The level of basketball he's able to play, it matches all the other kids around."

For the full story watch the video above.


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