Robertson, Seymour roast Luxon over ute tax comments

Parliament saw plenty of political theatre earlier today with acting Prime Minister Grant Robertson roasting the National Party leader over a double u-turn being described as a “policy donut”.

In a media interview earlier today, Christopher Luxon suggested his party would keep the clean car discount also known as the “ute tax”.

The news came as a surprise given the party’s vehement opposition to the policy.

However, a National spokesperson quickly clarified, saying Christopher Luxon misspoke and meant to say the party would keep the clean car “standard” not “discount”.

Grant Robertson made the most of the backtrack during a debate in the house.

“What he managed to do was a u-turn, on a u-turn, on a u-turn, the first politician to complete a policy donut in history.”

Luxon hit back accusing the Finance Minister of being his “fan boy” who was fast becoming “fixated”.

“I love all the attention and it’s great that he’s a fan boy and it’s wonderful,” Luxon said.

ACT leader David Seymour also chipped in.

“National Party’s done a u-tun on a u-turn that’s called a donut.”

Robertson took a further jibe at Luxon after he made a hand gesture in the debating chamber of going around in circles.

“The member shouldn’t be making that sign about going around in a circle on policy on a day like today,” Robertson said.

“What is he more concerned about, the cost of living crisis or me?” Luxon responded.

Robertson replied: “What I’m concerned about is that member making the cost of living crisis worse.”

Luxon then doubled down on his fellow MP when speaking to 1News afterwards.

“This is a guy that gave a keynote speech the other day, mentioned the cost of living crisis once as our Finance Minister and mentioned me nine times.”