New 'wearable watch' a preventative measure for family harm

Source: Te Karere

A new watch was launched at Papakura Marae on Friday, providing a wraparound service for those who suffer from family violence.

The device is part of a family violence prevention programme established between the marae and victim support organisation Help@Hand.

When activated, the watch sends a silent alarm to notify police of an active family violence event.

Papakura Marae chef executive Tony Kake says the programme works to prevent high rates of family harm cases across Aotearoa.

“Whānau who we know may live in family harm situations, but more so if you’re out on the street, you’re walking or running... it’s a safety device that’ll keep you safe."

Kake says they’ve received funding from the Ted Manson Foundation, which has made it possible for the marae to purchase around 100 new watches for the community.

“If it wasn’t for philanthropy or the Ted Manson Foundation, we wouldn’t be here.”