Sons of Zion to release new music as independent artists

Source: Te Karere

For the first time in 15 years, Sons of Zion are back as independent artists, with two new tracks to be released over the next month.

By Astley Nathan, Ethan Oneroa

The group had spent time in Hawaii for a short writer’s camp in August. Lead singer Rio Panapa says the trip had influenced their new singles.

“I think from the very first time we came here [Hawaii] we realised how big reggae was here, and although we sort of ventured out in our music, the foundation of what we do is reggae.”

The singles One Night and On My Way tell stories of "magical life experiences" that come with being in a relationship.

They returned to Hawaii last week, collaborating with well-known producer Noah Cronin to create both tracks, which will play a part in the group's next album. Panapa says the band acknowledges the support of their fans in motivating them to continue their musical journeys.

“I don’t think people realise how much love we have for our fans, and how much we love music.”

One Night is set to be released at midnight Saturday, with second single On My Way also being released just before Christmas.