Wilde's Comm Games gold medal complaint dismissed by World Triathlon

Guy Heveldt
Source: 1News

Hayden Wilde will keep a silver medal from the Birmingham Commonwealth Games triathlon after his appeal was dismissed by World Triathlon.

Hayden Wilde serves his controversial 10-second penalty in the Commonwealth Games triathlon in Birmingham.

Wilde was handed a 10-second time penalty during the run leg of the race in Birmingham for illegally removing his bike helmet in transition.

It effectively ended any chance he had of catching England’s Alex Yee, after the pair were locked in a tense and tight contest over the last few kilometres.

1News overheard Wilde at the time telling his team it’s “bulls**t”.

A Triathlon New Zealand statement confirmed the organisation's disappointment with the decision, saying: "it considers that there was no evidence of Wilde doing what was alleged.

"Indeed, Tri NZ and Wilde contend that the evidence available supported Wilde’s position that he did not unclip his helmet but rather prepared to unclip it once his bike was racked.

"However, the World Triathlon Tribunal did not agree and determined that in the absence of evidence of the penalty being imposed in “bad faith”, they would defer to the judgement of the officials on the ground, giving deference to a decision that was made on the ‘field of play’.

"Since receiving the decision, Tri NZ and Wilde have considered whether a further appeal, to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), would be appropriate. Ultimately, a decision has been made not to take the matter further, notwithstanding the collective disappointment at the outcome of the process."

It’s taken nearly four months for World Triathlon to come up with a decision and it comes as Wilde prepares for the World Triathlon Championship Series final in Abu Dhabi next weekend.

It looks like it’s going to come down to Wilde and Yee for that title as well.

A win or a silver would guarantee Wilde the crown - the first for a Kiwi since Bevan Docherty.

Gold would also see the 25-year-old’s season earnings from the World Triathlon series improve to $277,000.