Good Sorts: Teacher leaves legacy for disadvantaged students

November 21, 2022

A late Queenstown teacher has left a lasting legacy after setting up a scholarship to help disadvantaged students.

Kate Moetaua was a teacher who made a difference.

"Her student's said her drama class was her safe place, somewhere they could go," her daughter Anika Moetaua said.

When she died from cancer four years ago, her "dying wish" was to "help disadvantaged students", friend Jennifer Belmont, who helped make it a reality, explained.

"Classic her wanting to leave her legacy behind," Anika added.

Together, the pair set up the Kate Moetaua Foundation, where kids with big dreams can get help achieving them.

After her mum's death, Anika initially didn't get involved in the foundation, finding it too difficult.

"I always knew that it was special, it was just getting on board was really hard," Anika said.

She's now the head of the foundation, and has seen the good it can do.

"Kate is enabling them to fly," Belmont said.


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