Warriors players take to the tools doing trades around Auckland

There was relief for many Warriors players this morning as they ditched the usual pre-season fitness grind to get on the tools.

The team looked almost unrecognisable as they traded boots and training shirts for hard hats, steel caps and hi-viz jackets.

“I told the boys no smoko just one lunch break," Marcelo Montoya said.

Coach Andrew Webster organised a day of trades for his team at an Auckland construction company, including packing a warehouse, putting out road signs and cones.

“Happily do this over a day of pre-season, it’s refreshing,” Shaun Johnson said.

“Probably take our job a bit for granted a little bit sometimes. This gives us a sense of gratitude,” Rocco Berry said.

The majority of the squad finished a 4.30am gym session before arriving. A small group of Warriors learnt how to put out road signs while others did some heavy lifting rearranging supplies around a warehouse.

“It’s to give the boys a different perspective on life outside rugby league how grateful we are for what we have got, it’s a bit of a team building thing something to do together something different from football,” coach Andrew Webster said.

There was one player in particular who Webster worried wouldn't be able to handle getting his hands dirty.

“I’m worried about a few of them. Some of them look like they know what they're doing. Te Maire Martin doesn’t look good he worries me he's a bit too pretty for this line of work I reckon,” Webster said.

"I’m a hard worker so I probably get them too dirty, he's not used to it. Look at his hands they are soft as so hasn't worked a day in his life. I'm a bit shocked he's outside here,” Te Maire Martin jokingly said.

Not only did the players pitch in but the coaches did too. Andrew Webster joined players on the road while assistant coach and club legend Stacey Jones helped in the café.

“[It’s to] just appreciate the position they're in, the job they are in, they do something they love. Bit of labour, bit of work then off to training - what a lot of other people do,” Stacey Jones said.

The day didn't end at tools down, with the team heading straight back to Mount Smart to finish the day with a training session.


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