Watch: Large slip comes hurtling down Kaimai Range hill

Lucy Anderson
Source: 1News

Footage of a slip hurtling down a hill in the Kaimai Range has been captured by a motorist sitting in traffic.

The slip, which happened yesterday, caused State Highway 29, on the Tauranga side of Kaimai Range, to close.

The road was down to one lane and reopened at midnight after the slip was cleared.

Motorist Nick Drysdale told 1News he and his wife were sitting in traffic a few cars back when the slip happened.

"We were filming because of the heavy rain and just happened to capture the moment."

He said if his car had been a few metres forward at the time, the vehicle may have been damaged.

"We were actually really lucky," Drysdale said.

On Saturday night Auckland was hit by a severe thunderstorm that left behind fallen trees, surface flooding, and property damage.

Heavy rain and hail battered the region with emergency services responding to more than 50 weather-related incidents from Hatfields Beach to Manukau.