Hāpuku and bass fishing capped at two per person in risky areas

Source: 1News

The daily limit on recreationally-caught hāpuku (or groper) and bass will be lowered in some areas, Oceans and Fisheries Minister David Parker announced today.

File image: Fishing boat.

From November 28, daily limits will be reduced to two fish per person in areas of low stock, and accumulation limits will be capped at three fish per person on multi-day trips.

The changes will apply to the North Island and the west coast of the South Island, in West and East Auckland, Central and Challenger recreational fishing areas.

Parker says the changes will aid recovery stocks and further support the sustainability of these fish.

"There are fishing spots around the country that unofficially or officially bear the same name – Groper Rock, or Hāpuku River - because they were once common there. Sadly, it’s very unlikely people will be able to find hāpuku in those places now."

He says fishers across the North Island and upper South Island have expressed concern for bass and hāpuku fisheries in these areas.

“Information from commercial catch reporting has also shown a downward trend in these fish in those areas, supporting those concerns.”

More information on the changes can be found on the Ministry for Primary Industries website.