Watch: Steven Adams trends with hot turkey take

November 25, 2022

Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams found himself trending on Twitter today with a hot take when asked about his thoughts on North America's Thanksgiving holiday.

Adams gave a typically honest answer when questioned by a WREG TV reporter if Kiwis celebrate Thanksgiving.

"Nah only you Americans mate that is your guys holiday. We got some other stuff way cooler," he replied.

Next came his comment which stirred up some controversy in the Twitterverse.

"I think turkey is overrated, I know, hot take, but I really think it is, it's too dry."

However, he gave praise to a teammate's candied yams.

"I went to his house and we had candied yams, I felt bad the next day but it was worth it!"

Some commented on Twitter in support of Adams' stance on turkey being overrated.

"In New Zealand we got chickens and ribs that make turkeys seem mid," one person commented.

"He speaks the truth. This is exactly why I don’t eat turkey on Thanksgiving - too dry and chewy," wrote another.

Others took issue with his comment that turkey is too dry.

"I gotta get him to try my turkey, dry will be the last word on his mind," a comment reads.

"Turkey overrated???" another shocked user wrote.

Many Americans are currently celebrating with turkey today, dry or otherwise.


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