Kiwi driver becomes the first female to podium for McLaren

Kiwi driver Emma Gilmour is pleased to "finally" have her first podium finish in the Extreme E, taking second place in the season finale in Uruguay.

The Kiwi spoke with 1News after the event, where Gilmour became the first female to ever podium for McLaren racing.

"It's been a tough season for us and there's been so much teamwork that's happened," Gilmour said.

"I keep pinching myself!"

In the semi-final Gilmour had a scary moment, with her and Laia Sanz in a battle. As she tried to fight back, Sanz hit a rut and rolled twice, but was remarkably able to continue.

Gilmour snatched second alongside her co-driver Tanner Foust to qualify for the final.

"I've never done racing as challenging as this, the terrain is always changing and you have very little time on the track."

It's not the first time Gilmour has made history with McLaren, having previously become the first female driver to sign with the prestigious team.