'Silent Night' - the fundraising event no one will attend

December 3, 2022

The Wellington City Mission is always in need of support but with Christmas just around the corner, this is their busiest time of year, and they've come up with an experimental new fundraising scheme.

The City Mission is selling tickets to the Silent Night, an event on December 21 at Sky City Stadium "that nobody goes to and doesn't happen," Wellington City Missioner Murray Edridge said.

Speaking on Seven Sharp, Edrige described the goal of the plan as a pursuit of equity because "the cost of living crisis doesn't fall equally, we've got people doing hard and really struggling".

"We're seeing a different demographic of people than we saw pre-Covid, we're seeing people who traditionally had reliable stable jobs, good incomes but it's no longer enough.

"It's not about charity, it's not about anybody giving you anything, it's about people enjoying the experience that you and I have the privilege of enjoying."

A range of tickets are on sale for anyone looking to support the City Mission, priced between $10 for bronze and $175 for diamond seating, with corporate box seats available for those seeking the best theoretical view.

Edridge is hoping that they'll sell out Sky stadium, all 34,000 seats.

"It touches into two of those things Wellingtonians are most passionate about - filling the stadium and helping those in need in their community," he said.

"People can get into the spirit of contributing to something that's really important in our community, have a bit of fun and not have another thing on their social agenda coming up to Christmas."

Besides accommodating to people's busy schedules - by not expecting attendance - holding an empty event will allow all funds from ticket sales to go towards City Mission initiatives such as a free toy store where parents can pick out brand-new Christmas gifts for their kids.

With a bit of Christmas luck, the Silent Night's avant-garde altruism will change the lives of those who need it most.

If you would like to support the Wellington City Mission's event, click here.