Thousands expected to attend Wellington's Armageddon expo

December 3, 2022

Rising Covid cases have not deterred thousands of science fiction and fantasy fans from attending Wellington's Armageddon Expo.

The event, being held at Sky Stadium is expected to draw crowds of up to 15,000 people over the weekend.

From famous wrestlers to superheros, when it comes to Armageddon, it seems you're never too old to dress up.

Around 15,000 pop culture fans are expected at the event over the weekend, some even attend as a family.

And while not all of it is that wholesome, the man behind Armageddon says it's more creative than ever.

"[There are] so many more people in costume. it's so much easier to do but a lot of them are making it themselvesand the quality is just amazing,” says director Bill Geradts.

One fan says it took two years of “procrastination and three months of frantic panic” ahead of building their costume.

"We have been around long enough and built ourselves up enough - when you hear the word Armageddon you're either thinking of us or a Bruce Willis movie,” Geradts says.